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Which way to place Footpath stands? - Tips Article

"So your new or existing business is street based and you are wondering which way to place your footpath stand!"  Or perhaps you are not even thinking about it - if this is the case - you should, beneficial small acts can help you gain more business via more brand awareness, whether you are in Auckland or any NZ business district.

We recommend placing your stand facing outwards towards the road and even slightly angled, (See Photo 1) this way cars sitting in traffic, people walking across the road and people walking past can all see your sign.  Rather than just the people walking towards the sign.  This simple trick is valuable - brand awareness works! 
The best way to face your footpath stand:

Do not face the footpath sign towards walking pedestrians on the pavement.

Although we use this photo (2.) so you can best view our product online, in real life pedestrians still see your sign when it is facing outwards towards the road and they will look at it - as well as those on the other side of the road or traveling car passengers and drivers near lights. Offering added value for your business.
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