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Article - How To Best Present Your NZ Business

It is often never just about getting the customer in the door....there is usually much more than that involved in creating advocates for what you do and Displays help with those important things, by showing the extra value you offer with your products and service.  It can be easy to make an impression and draw attention to the great quality your organisation offers and enhance the purpose of your service by using displays.

"Where do I start?"
Great question, we recommend starting with brochure holders - if you are unsure of the next step for your display, as simple as this might sound - it is something your customer needs to see.  They are valuable for expos, office display, menu holder/restaurant display and can be used for promotion anywhere anytime.  Once you have a promotion organised for your brochure holder you will have a better or a clear idea of what to do next.  For example you may then want to move on to bigger ideas such as snap frames or show room display.

Another reason to use brochure holders is because it is not invasive and can be a great focal point but not a barrier for customers at your place of business, expo or promotion.  It is a non verbal conversation starter to enhance other types of display and can go out the front of a business without being overwhelming.
Many customers appreciate this and will be more inclined to stop and talk to you and of course it gives you the opportunity of pointing out your promotion in a conversational way because holders are a friendly size and can go in useful positions.  By using a holder rather than leaving any promotions flat, you are showing the customer you care.

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Of course if you are ready for a sophisticated set up, we can build your custom design unit or display creation for you, from cosmetics to consumer goods, retail and show rooms and just about anything.  We look forward to helping you look great.  However holders should not be overlooked to help get a conversation going and to help you engage your customer.  They are useful to use as part of your organisation's sales planning program.

Common Sales Mistakes

"Have you ever arrived at a sales presentation or networking event, only to find you forgot to bring your business cards or even worse the ones you have are crumpled when you pull them out of your wallet or pocket?"  This simple and sometimes forgotten point really does not do you any favours.  Regardless of how good your portfolio and word of mouth recommendations are they will be even better if you simply put your cards in the car and or your pocket, using a business card holder.

We recommend having these at hand, grab some for you & your team:

Business Card Holder